Red Marker has developed Artemis, in conjunction with Kaplan Professional, to reduce marketing compliance risk. Artemis is a purpose built software solution for the Australian financial services industry that automatically identifies and analyses digital marketing content for compliance risk and provides a workflow solution to manage the marketing compliance process.

Red Marker has also developed Minerva, to make it possible for non-data scientists to build their own risk and compliance logic. Minerva requires no data science or engineering experience. Any subject matter expert can build their own AI based risk detection logic through a simple ‘drag and drop’ interface. Red Marker has partnered with a number of leading compliance specialist to enable them to build their own risk detection logic.

Our two products are as follows:
  • Artemis hosts AI based compliance rules and allows marketing collateral to be automatically reviewed to identify potentially risky content.
  • Minerva a platform to construct rules to identify potentially non-compliant text in marketing collateral and specify the feedback marketers need to receive tin order to understand how to remediate that content themselves

Artemis End-user-system that supports the following content approval workflow:

  • Select applicable meta-data
  • Upload content and apply relevant rules
  • Review and action identified risky content
  • Capture rules review feedback
  • Generate reports

Minerva Rule building system that supports the following:

  • Sample annotation
  • Rule creation
  • Rule optimisation
  • Rules deployment

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